The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which deals with consent, access and data portability hit several businesses which cater to EU. Today, the market is primarily divided into 3 categories:

  • Those who know about GDPR and comply to it
  • Those who do not know about GDPR
  • Those who have misunderstood GDPR

If you are aware of GDPR and are compliant, good for you. If you do not know about GDPR, then you should know… Here is a handy link to the Information Commissioner’s Office to get you started!

A common misconception is GDPR prohibits cold calls. In fact, the regulation does not even directly call out cold calling. Companies can still reach out to you, if:

  • They have your consent
  • They need to perform a task of public interest
  • They want to initiate a contract
  • They need to protect to your vital interests
  • They are under legal obligation
  • They have legitimate interests

Thus, if a company has a legitimate interest, they can call you. You must also know, anyone who contacts you through a cold call, must seek your consent at the earliest. This implies that, though they have the right to call, you have the privilege to opt-out.

GDPR will simply weed out frivolous businesses, and help genuine ones flourish. A company with the right intent, which is honest about its goals, and serious about adding value to your business, will surely rise above the ones reaching out to you for short-term gains.

Do not let your preconceived notions about GDPR stop you from engaging legitimate businesses. It is time to embrace GDPR, in the right sense, in the right spirit!