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Emotional Buying & Market Research

Emotional buying is something that happens all the time in B2C. Just look at any car advert on British television. The sole aim is to make the viewer feel an emotional connection with the car. As a consumer you will start to feel like you deserve that car or that it’s the car for you. You may not end up going all the way through the sales funnel but it definitely pulls you in.

For a long time, B2B companies didn’t acknowledge that they were selling to people. The term Business to Business is confusing in itself. Businesses are run by people and therefore it is people who make the buying decisions still.

B2B marketers are now utilising the emotional buying decisions that B2C do so well for their own campaigns. How do they do it though? It starts with market research.

Market Research

I’m sure you’ve seen The Apprentice before. It’s a reality TV show which made Donald Trump even more famous than he was before. In the UK it is fronted by businessman and former Tottenham Hotspur owner, Lord Alan Sugar.

At least one of the challenges faced by the contestants will involve creating a product and bringing it to market. During these tasks there is always a scene involving the contestants asking prospective customers what they think of their product. This is market research. In the programme, the contestants usually ignore the results and disastrous results (but brilliant television) ensues.

How To Conduct Market Research

To start with you have to know who your audience is.

You’ve got to ask the right question to the right people – Nick Hague

Once you know your audience, you then need to ask them the right questions. There is no point in asking people what they had for breakfast if you’re wanting to know if they have a problem with the computer software.

Once you have the right questions, you will start to receive the answers that you need. From there you just need to analyse them and you will find out how you can inject emotion into your marketing.


Inside this episode you will find out:

  • The importance of market research
  • How to start your own market research
  • Analysing the results to form campaigns that create emotional buying
  • Nick Hague’s own examples of good market research campaigns

Nick Hague is the co-founder of B2B International, a global B2B market research company. Their market research has led to successful brand repositioning, improved customer loyalty and retention, and enabling brands to reconnect with their all-important marketplaces.