Appointment setting revolves around gathering and filtering information regarding prospects and then reaching out to them with the sole purpose of convincing key decision makers to invest their time for an initial meeting with the company. This helps the sales representatives focus on just striking and closing a deal without having to worry about developing leads, identifying the decision makers, connecting with them and above all generating that initial interest.

Today, we help you understand few of the most effective ways for a productive appointment setting campaign:

Skilled Personnel

It is a huge task to identify the right people, initiate contact, and impress them with not just your company’s offerings but also with your communication skills and convince them to spare their valuable time for an introductory meeting with your sales representatives. The intervention of a well-trained and skilled coordinator makes it easier to approach any company with your products or services.

Superlative CRM

The benefits of an updated and top-class CRM are unparalleled. In the process of appointment setting, a good CRM database is very effective. It saves the time, efforts and energy in accurately identifying prospects. It also gives information and insights about the prospects, based on which the executive may prepare his/her introductory script. It also serves as the key to understanding which factors and what kind of approach may strike a chord with the prospects.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The appointment setting executive should do his/her homework well enough to understand the most efficient way to reach out to the identified prospects. Largely, people prefer a conversation over the phone before committing to anything. From then on, the executive needs to wisely decide which mode of communication would best suit a particular prospect. It is critical to be persistent enough to try all forms of communication and keep rescheduling the meetings politely as per the convenience of the prospects even after a few failed attempts.

Caller Script

The appointment setting executive needs to prepare a compelling script which highlights the company’s profile, its offerings, and what you can do for the prospect. The executive should try to stick to that script but also be clever enough to give smart answers to unexpected queries and leverage the slightest hint of interest. Being prepared and answering effectively without stumbling and with clarity creates a very positive image in the prospect’s mind.


Many a times, the very process of appointment setting becomes so tedious and time consuming, lesser time and efforts are directed towards the core sales activities. In such circumstances, outsourcing appointment setting becomes the best solution. This way a lot of expenses like phone bills and personnel cost can be cut down. The sales executives can then direct all their efforts on core activities like market research, face-to-face appointments and so on.

These are just few of the ways in which you can make your appointment campaign more effective. To learn more about appointment setting reach out to us, we will be happy to help you.

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