Content drives marketing and ideas drive content. Even the best among us may experience a dearth of new ideas leading to a drought of new content. Well, before we go any further, answer this, how good is your existing content?

If it is good, then you do not have to worry, we will tell you ways in which you can keep your audience engaged using the content which you already have.


Have you considered rounding up your posts? Pick the top 5 blogs that you have published this year and upcycle them to form content summaries, “best of” blogs, lists, “did you know” posts and so on. In an age where people want to consume more in less time, this strategy is gold.


Your eBooks and whitepapers are a great resource. Take excerpts out of them and convert them into individual blogs. It would be better if you decide on a theme, and keep publishing excerpts relevant to it. A 3000 word whitepaper could be turned into six 500 word blogs.


Not everyone likes reading and you may be losing out on some of your potential customers because you are not making your content appealing to them. It is time to turn your eBooks, whitepapers, blogs and other posts, into infographics, videos and podcasts. Engage your target audience using a different medium and see the how they react.


This is for all those businesses entering a new market. If your content is evergreen, then there is no harm in using it in a different market as long as it is relevant to their culture. Reusing content helps you save your resources.


Got content which seems outdated? Update it with new statistics from the industry while retaining its core ideas and republish it. Make sure that you add an editor’s note that explicitly mentions that it is an update, trust us, your audience will appreciate it.

Sometimes an outsider’s perspective can help you see your content in a different light. Tech Demand brings in that fresh perspective. Why don’t you complete our campaign builder and reach out to us, we will make sure that your content is upcycled, recycled, repurposed, reused and republished in the best possible way.

Remember, breathing new life into existing content also gives your new prospects an opportunity to experience your previous work. So, what are you waiting for?