Last week we showed you how to repurpose your whitepapers. One of the most popular follow-up questions to that article was, are whitepapers still relevant? So, today we explain how your business can benefit from whitepapers.


Every definition of a whitepaper on the internet suggests that it is a document created to inform with an intent to persuade, and research does reveal that whitepapers have been extremely effective in influencing potential customers. It is one of the most popular content types used to make business decisions.


Whitepapers have the reputation of being well-researched, fact-oriented and informative. This makes them more sought after than conventional blogs and eBooks. The inherent value associated with whitepapers makes the best companies in the world use whitepapers to gate assets and use them as an incentive for subscribing to newsletters or ‘liking’ Facebook pages.


Good whitepapers enhance the credibility and perceived competence. A whitepaper need not have promotional material but if it has content which is relevant to the life and needs of the consumer, then it gives you a competitive edge in the market.


Quality content sparks social engagement. If your whitepaper is cited often it will lead to more inbound links and shares on the social media. Give your audience something to discuss, debate, and appreciate.


Whitepapers are an excellent resource for your sales and marketing team. It can be used in a variety of ways to promote your products and services. Well, we have written a whole blog on it, do check it out.


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Since whitepapers usually contain in-depth information about a specific topic or an industry problem, followed by a suggested solution or a roadmap, it cements your company’s position as a thought leader in the industry.

If you are planning to win your customers by educating them and not simply pushing your products and services, then it is time to integrate whitepapers into your marketing campaign. We can help you do that, quickly complete our campaign builder and reach out to us.