On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation came into force, and in the words of UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, GDPR is about “putting the consumer and citizen first”, it is about “greater transparency, enhanced rights for citizens and increased accountability”, but for thousands of organisations all over the world, which hold personal data of EU citizens, GDPR is a cause of serious concern.

According to a recent market study on the impact of non-compliance of GDPR:

  • 86% organisations believe that GDPR non-compliance will adversely affect their business.
  • 47% feel they will not be able to meet the GDPR requirements in time.
  • 21% are worried about potential layoffs, which will be necessary to offset GDPR penalties.
  • 18% fear non-compliance could end their business.

Another study on the GDPR compliance issues reveals that:

  • 42% respondents are not sure which data to save and which data should be erased.
  • 39% feel that they will not be able to identify and locate data crucial to GDPR compliance.
  • 32% believe that they do not have the right technology to address GDPR compliance.
  • 30% fear that they will not be able to protect data from breach.

How will your marketing campaign suffer?

We understand you will no longer be able to:

  • Buy data lists without careful evaluation of consent.
  • Make cold calls at odd hours.
  • Email prospects from poorly sourced lists.

Your current database will shrink because:

  • Contacts can withdraw their consent at will.
  • Existing contacts may choose not to receive communication from you.
  • New authentic data lists may not be available.
  • GDPR compliant data lists will be expensive.

How can Tech Demand help you?

With the help of our professional expertise and class-leading technological prowess, Tech Demand will help you create and implement a GDPR compliant, sustainable and profitable marketing campaign.

  • We revisit your marketing strategy, and modify and upgrade it into a GDPR compliant strategy, comprising creative and innovative inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.
  • We help make your communications more targeted and relevant.
  • We ensure maximum subscription through our high quality communications.
  • We increase opt-in rates through alternative direct and indirect marketing tactics.
  • We help you build strong relationships with high-value leads.
  • We augment your current database through ethical means.

Increasing the returns on your marketing campaign, while complying with GDPR is a challenge. Choose Tech Demand and turn this challenge into an opportunity and explore our marketing strategies and stay ahead of your competitors!

For more information on GDPR, here is a link to an article we released recently about cold calling in a post-GDPR World.