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 Telling stories has been around since mankind lived in caves and hunted animals. Storytelling is as important to your content marketing as your product or service is. On this episode of Tech Demand Weekly! Charles talks to Joe Lazauskas about how storytelling can take your marketing to the next level.

Joe Lazauskas is a marketing and technology journalist and best selling author of The Storytelling Edge. He’s a regular speaker at Content Marketing World, Web Summit and Collision among others. I first came across Joe through an article he wrote for Convince and about how storytelling turned the small american startup Dollar Shave Club into a billion dollar brand.

Inside this week’s episode:

1:39 Why is storytelling so important to a modern content marketing campaign?

5:12 What makes for a great story and how do you hone it to your audience?

10:50 Joe talks about Dollar Shave Club

15:45 The product still matters

18:34 Everybody’s job is changing. Is this a good thing?

21:55 Joe’s advice on how to be more creative

24:19 The best way to communicate your story

28:06 What does the future hold?


The Dollar Shave Club ad campaign that is mentioned in this week’s podcast.

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