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This week’s episode sees the start of our mini series on podcasting. Podcasting is a relatively new tool for the content marketer but with their low cost and potential high reach, they offer great value to any business. Over the course of the next few episodes, we’ll be hearing from marketers who already host their own shows to find out why they do it and what makes them successful. We’ll also be talking to some of the industry’s biggest names to get tips and advice on how you can start your very own podcast.

Colin Gray headhsotThis week’s guest is Colin Gray. Colin is the CEO and founder of the, a podcast network and a huge content resource on creating a successful show. As the host of Podcraft, Colin gives advice on how to podcast from what equipment to use, how to tell great stories, editing and even monetizing your podcast.

In this week’s episode:

02:01 The benefits of podcasting.

03:34 Podcasting > Blogging?

04:31 The growth of podcasting.

09:54 What makes it unique?

15:23 What you need to start your own show.

21:42 Does length really matter?

25:12 Colin’s top tips for starting out in podcasting.