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In our last couple of episodes we’ve been exploring the world of Facebook marketing and today is no different. Whilst we have already looked at Facebook groups and Messenger marketing, this week we take a look at the main way we as marketers can use the most popular social media platform. Facebook Ads.Akvile DeFazio

Charles’s guest this week is Akvile DeFazio, a conversion driven marketer and is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals via social media. Akvile is the President of AKvertise, a social media marketing and advertising agency based in California.

In this week’s episode:

01:29 The difference between a B2C Facebook Ads campaign and a B2B one.

02:34 What makes Facebook work for B2B organisations?

03:17 How to target the right audience.

08:15 Making your message consistent.

12:05 What are the different types of Facebook Ads campaigns?

16:34 The first steps of creating a Facebook Ads campaign.

18:59 Where do the ads show on Facebook?

20:47 The different features available to marketers.

22:02 Akvile’s top tips.

23:39 Akvile’s best liked Ad campaigns on Facebook.