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As we’ve been taking a look at podcasting over the last few episodes, we here at Tech Demand Weekly thought it might be a good idea to talk to some of the best known marketing podcasts out there. This week is the turn of John J. Wall from Marketing Over Coffee.

Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast presented by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. The reason it’s called Marketing Over Coffee? Well, in the beginning, John and Chris would meet up at their local Dunkin’ Donuts store at half five in the morning and record the show while drinking a cup of hot Joe!

Charles caught up with John, not in a coffee (or donut!) shop but over Skype to discuss why John and Chris started their podcast, why John says it’s best to have a great blog before you even think about podcasting and how, even though he’s not in the same category, John is always competing with the likes of NPR and This American Life when it comes to creating a great podcast.

Inside this week’s episode:

00:42 Why John started making the podcast.

01:33 What makes Marketing Over Coffee different.

03:22 Length does indeed matter to John.

06:47 Quality audio is the most important thing.

09:12 How John and Chris use the podcast to promote themselves.

12:06 Marketing Over Coffee’s privacy policy.

17:32 John’s favourite episode of Marketing Over Coffee

18:49 How John sees podcasts fitting into a marketing strategy.

19:58 Podcasts vs. traditional content marketing tools.

22:44 John says “Don’t make a podcast…”

24:35 John’s favourite other podcasts.

26:33 Advice on starting with podcasting.