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Back in episode #20 of the podcast, Charles was joined by Francis Ma of Brafton to talk all about video marketing in 2019. That appearance on Tech Demand Weekly caused a rift between Francis and his podcast partner in crime, Jeff Baker. Together they host the Above The Fold podcast which is a marketing podcast that sidelines in Top Gun quotes and AI chat. In fact, it’s probably more Top Gun quotes and artificial intelligence chat with a sprinkling of marketing trends thrown in just to justify it’s existance to their bosses at Brafton!

This is one podcast series which shouldn’t be missed as colleagues, Francis and Jeff have a great relationship that makes the podcast easy to listen to as you get caught up in their discussion and by the end of it wonder whether you actually heard anything related to marketing. Of course, marketing trends is the reason for doing the show but that doesn’t mean it should be boring, right?

Francis and Jeff tell Charles about why they created Above The Fold, how it started life as a failed video and why podcast analytics suck.

*make sure you stay tuned right to the end!

Inside this week’s episode:

01:02 How it began.

04:54 Podcasting Vs. Video.

06:55 Who told Jeff and Francis to do a podcast?

10:27 Who listens to the podcast.

13:09 Podcasting is personal.

14:03 How Above The Fold differs to other marketing podcasts.

25:03 What Francis and Jeff would do differently now.

27:03 How the podcast fits into the overall marketing strategy.

30:01 Podcasting is for life…

32:35 Are Jeff and Francis above the fold?

37:24 Tips for podcasting success.

39:15 Favourite Above The Fold podcast episodes.