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Numbers are great. We all love them and we all want them to be higher. Social media metrics are easy to see thanks to the insistence platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have in putting them right there in front of our eyes. We think that by having high numbers of followers and likes that we must be succeeding. While we might be right, these are not the social media metrics that marketers should be basing their successes on.

Martin Ochwat first started dabbling in online marketing in 2005, selling digital video game characters on eBay. Martin has worked for and set up his own tech companies and now uses his experience to advise heads of marketing and entrepreneurs on growing their businesses.

In an article for Content Marketing Institute he calls likes, retweets, followers and shares Vanity Metrics. In his article 7 Social Media Metrics That Should Really Matter to Your BrandMartin says that we need to dig deeper in order to be successful.