Both episodes 2 and 5 talked about how repurposing content will get you the most value out of your content. In this episode of Tech Demand Weekly! Charles speaks to the founder of Content 10X, Amy Woods, about podcast repurposing. Content 10X is a creative agency specializing in repurposing content and Amy uses podcasts as her starting point with many of her clients.

“Repurposing content is the ultimate form of content marketing.”

In this podcast you’ll discover how Amy came to set up Content 10X.

Why podcasts are a perfect starting point for repurposing your videos or blogs.

“Most clients who come to us as video creators, the first thing we do is repurpose that video into a podcast.”

The best way to structure your Live video for repurposing later.

“One client went live on Facebook every week… we launched the podcast… gave the audience the option to get the audio of the live if they can’t make it… within weeks she was having thousands of people listen to the podcast… some of them [the audience] aren’t even on Facebook.”

The difference between podcast show notes and repurposing your podcast into a blog post.

The tools Amy uses to turn podcasts into other forms of content.


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